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  • Payments

    Certainly, all transactions on DeeHaven are securely processed. Payments are encrypted and transmitted via secure channels to safeguard user data and financial information.

    DeeHaven offers a wide range of payment options, including Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express (Amex), and more.

    To qualify for a refund, your order must not have been shipped within a week or after your return request has been sanctioned. Once your return request is approved, navigate to the "View Your Return Requests" section under the "My Orders" tab in your account area. The refund amount will be credited back to the original card used for the purchase. It's important to note that if the item has already been shipped, shipping fees may not be refunded.

    DeeHaven Affiliates have the flexibility to select their payment method, whether it's PayPal or Bank Transfer, by simply updating their affiliate information via the "Edit Your Affiliate Information" feature on the account page. This allows affiliates to seamlessly manage their payment preferences and ensure they receive their earnings through their chosen payment channel.

    Shipping & Delivery

    DeeHaven offers sellers the flexibility to present various shipping options to customers. Sellers can choose from a range of shipping methods, including free shipping on select products or offered by specific sellers, as well as expedited shipping choices. This diversity in shipping options enhances the shopping experience for customers and allows sellers to cater to different preferences and needs efficiently.

    Orders shipped within the United States
    typically arrive within 1 to 7 business days, barring any unforeseen
    circumstances like extreme weather. International orders, on the other
    hand, usually take between 7 to 10 business days for delivery. Customs
    processes in the destination country may cause additional delays beyond
    this timeframe. For more detailed information, refer to DeeHaven's delivery information page.

    DeeHaven provides shipping services across the United States and offers
    international shipping to the United Kingdom and Canada. For detailed
    delivery information, please visit DeeHaven Delivery Information.


    1. Click the "Add to Cart" button for your desired product.
    2. Proceed to the checkout page by clicking the "Checkout" button.
    3. At the checkout page, either create a new account or log in if you already have one with DeeHaven to finalize your purchase.

    Customers can easily initiate a return or exchange at DeeHaven by following these steps:

    1. Visit the DeeHaven return policy page at DeeHaven Return Policy.
    2. Go to your account page and navigate to the "My Orders" tab.
    3. Click on "View Your Order History" and select the order you wish to return.
    4. Next to the item you want to return, click on the "Return" button.
    5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the return process hassle-free.


    Creating an account on DeeHaven is a seamless process. Simply visit, provide the required information, and
    your account will be registered promptly.

    DeeHaven's tech team is diligently developing a feature that will soon
    empower customers to log in to their accounts seamlessly using either
    their email address or phone number. Stay tuned for this convenient
    login option coming your way!

    DeeHaven employs phone numbers as an additional layer of verification
    to bolster the security of user accounts. By linking a phone number to
    an account, DeeHaven can verify users' identities more effectively,
    reducing the risk of unauthorized access. This method adds an extra
    level of security by requiring users to confirm their identity through a
    code sent to their registered phone number.

    Please visit DeeHaven Password Reset
    and enter your email address. A password reset link will be promptly
    sent to your email if it is linked to your DeeHaven account.

    To become a DeeHaven affiliate, simply navigate to your account page and click on the "Become an Affiliate" option.


    To return a product on DeeHaven, customers can effortlessly initiate the
    process by logging into their account and accessing the returns
    section. Alternatively, they can directly visit the return page via the
    URL: DeeHaven Return Page. Customers must review and comprehend DeeHaven's return policy outlined here before commencing the return procedure.

    Customers are not subject to any charges for returning a product.
    Nevertheless, it is important to note that customers are accountable for
    covering the expenses associated with the return labels.

    General Questions

    Subscribing to Deehaven's newsletter offers numerous advantages. You
    will receive updates on upcoming sales, stay informed about exciting
    events happening or about to take place, access safety tips for
    shopping, and much more.

    To efficiently apply coupons on Deehaven, follow these steps:

    1. Add your desired product to the cart.
    2. Proceed to the cart page by clicking on "View Cart."
    3. On the cart page, locate the option to "Use Coupon" or "Voucher."
    4. Enter your coupon code in the designated field.
    5. Complete the process by applying the coupon to enjoy the discount on your order.

    DeeHaven e-Wallet showcases customer account credits designated for
    refunds, exchanges, and referrals. These credits are available for
    customers to utilize in their subsequent purchases. In specific
    scenarios, the system seamlessly applies these credits to the customer's
    next order, enhancing user experience and convenience.

    Seller FAQ

    Sellers on Deehaven have the option to receive payments through Stripe
    Connect, PayPal, or bank transfer. Among these options, Stripe Connect
    stands out as the most convenient and rapid method for sellers to access
    their funds promptly. With Stripe Connect, sellers can receive payments
    almost instantly once the customer's payment is verified, making it the
    preferred choice for those looking for quick and seamless transactions.

    Deehaven offers various shipping options for sellers, including USPS,
    FedEx, UPS, and custom shipping methods like weight-based,
    product-based, or free shipping. To enhance user experience, Deehaven is
    now integrating EasyPost, a hassle-free shipping solution. With
    EasyPost, sellers can effortlessly enable and purchase shipping labels
    directly from Deehaven. This integration provides real-time shipping
    costs to customers based on the seller's and customer's addresses,
    making it the simplest and most efficient shipping option available.